Winter Solstice Sunrise Tour - 2 Day Tour

Departure: 8.30 am (Day1). Finish: 3:00 pm (Day 2)

The pretty village of Paucartambo (Flower Village) is the gateway to the jungle zone of Manu and has a quaint stone bridge and popular Sunday market vibe. Tres Cruces is where the Andes Mountains drop down to the Amazon basin (Manu National Park) and the setting is amazing. The locals from Paucartambo perform a traditional Incan ceremony on the shortest day of the year, and read the sunrise in order to predict the coming year's harvest.

You must witness this spectacular sunset where the Andean mountains meet the Amazon jungle - don't miss it! Camping overnight at Tres Cruces.

Prices for this Winter Solstice Sunrise Tour: (Per person)
2 People - $370 USD
3 People - $330 USD
4 People - $310 USD
5 People - $295 USD
6 People - $290 USD

*Groups of other sizes, please contact us for a free no strings attached quote.



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