Arequipa City Tour and Colca Canyon 3 days / 2 nights

This tour of Arequipa and the Colca Canyon will take you on a 3 day adventure in South Peru. You will see many monuments of colonial architecture in Arequipa and Chivay and learn about the history of Peru.
You will also experience the Andean culture up close in the valleys and get to see authentic dances. Finally you will get up close with condors in the well known Colca canyon.

Day 1: Arequipa city tour

A walking tour is the best way to discover the beauty of Arequipa, also called the white city.
We will start our tour by walking around the city, learning the history of the place while wandering in the narrow streets lined with beautiful buildings made of light colored volcanic stones.
We will stop to visit the Basilica Catedral on the Plaza de Armas.
After lunch, our tour continues to the Monastery of Santa Catalina, with its unique colonial style combining spanish and native heritage.
The Sanctuary Museum will be our final stop. As well as the 5 galleries exhibiting ceramic, textile and metal. You will get a chance to see the famous mumified remains of thirteen years old Juanita symbol of Incas children sacrifices to appease the mountain spirits.
Dinner will be served at the hotel where you'll spend the night.

Day 2: Arequipa - Chivay

We will pick you up at your hotel in Arequipa at 8 am and begin our journey to Colca Canyon, of the most impressive canyon in the world. On the way we will make a few stops to appreciate volcanoes panoramic viewpoints, pre-inca farming terrasses. You will also wonder around the habitat of vicuñias, alpacas and llamas.
We will arrive around 1 p.m. in Chivay and have a lunch break there. After lunch, we will head to Coporaque and start a 2-hour walk to enjoy the stunning landscape of this valley which was intensively populated by andean communities.
On the way back, you will have the chance to bathe and relax in the thermal baths with water oscillating between 35°C and 38°C.
Our relaxing evening continues with dinner and a folkloric andean dancing show.
Night at the hotel in Chivay.

Day 3: Cruz del condor - Arequipa

On this last day, we will have an early breakfast and take the 1.5 hour drive to the Cruz del Condor viewpoint. You will enjoy fantastic views of the Colca canyon and most importantly you will observe condors flying very close to you.
On our way back to Chivay, we will make a few stops in colourful towns with colonial churches.
We will then have lunch before heading back to Arequipa arriving in the city between 5 and 6 p.m.

Prices for this Arequipa and Colca canyon tour: (Per person)

2 People - USD
3 People - USD
4 People - USD
5 People - USD
6 People - USD

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