Chaska means star in Quechua and is also our daugther's name. This represents our respect and awareness for Pacha Mama (mother earth) and the communities we work in.


Chakana is the name given to the Incan cross with roots in ancient astrology. This represents our appreciation for and willingness to share our knowledge of Inca traditions and culture.


Kana is Yom's maternal surname and the name comes  Espinar, Cusco where there are Inca ruins of the same name. Kana represents our family and community values.

Travel with us and become part of the Chaskana family

Our goals

  • Giving our customers an affordable, genuine and unforgettable Peruvian experience
  • Finding the perfect compromise between independent and group travel. We give you the security and peace of mind of group travel, and the flexibility of independent travel
  • Maximizing our customer's enjoyment by tailoring an unforgettable tour and being in tune with our guests during their trips
  • We want our guests to feel like a family friend is showing you around Peru, but that they happen to be a qualified guide!
  • We look after our guides, cooks, drivers, horsemen, mules and the environment. We care about the communities that we visit and have a yearly fundraiser to support them.

What makes us different

  • In addition to the more classic tours, we make a point in offering unique, off-the-beaten-track adventures.
  • We care about our customers and make an unwavering commitment to ensure that our guests have a blast, make unforgettable memories and become advocates for Peru - our drivers, guides, cooks and horsemen understand our values and have your best interests at heart.
  • By visiting novel attractions in areas which don't receive many tourists, we give back to local communities while allowing our guests to see a genuine Peru.
  • We truly listen to you and customise each tour to your needs. You have a specific dietary requirement or particular interest? We've got you!

Family values, respect for Pacha Mama, Inca traditions and community minded


Rachel is from Australia, an accountant/business analyst with a love of travel, particularly away from the crowds. She combines her love of Spanish language, Peruvian culture, colour, food and adventure in her role with Chaskana! Rachel works behind the scenes to make sure your trip is planned and executed to the highest standard, while thinking outside the box.


Yom is a Cusco native who speaks Quechua (language of the Incas), Spanish and English, and has worked in tourism since 2002 as a guide, driver and tour operator. Yom understands different accents and has a very high level of English, he is a fun, knowledgeable and professional guide with a passion for sharing his magnificent country with people from all over the world!